About United Football League

The United Football League has been at the forefront of Philippine club football since it was revamped by the Football Alliance in 2009. Originally a weekend league, the UFL was transformed into a six-month long season, involving two competitions and two divisions.

The launch of the UFL Cup in late 2009 provided the springboard for the nation’s upgrade of domestic club football, and was used as the platform to decide the League’s First and Second Division. A total of 16 clubs, separated evenly between two divisions, competed in the inaugural League that followed. Philippine Air Force dominated that first season, winning both the Cup and League in convincing manner.

In 2011, the UFL struck a historic five-year deal with Sports 5, ensuring unprecedented nationwide TV coverage of local club football. The agreement has dramatically increased the awareness of the sport in the country, with thousands of fans now flocking to stadiums on a weekly basis.

Presently, the United Football League has grown to become an eight-month long competition, with 20 teams separated evenly into two divisions. Such has been the growth and development of the sport in the last three years that UFL clubs are now competing in regional tournaments like the AFC President’s Cup and Singapore Cup.

The 2013-14 season officially kicks off on October 12, with the opening of the UFL Cup.

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